20 November 2013

A question of Magic

Hey folks, here a cover for the last book of the best seller author E.D. Baker ! It's with Bloomsbury and it's available right now !

16 October 2013

La Fontaine

Now I can talk about my big project of the moment. It's a book about "Les Fables de La Fontaine" with Piccolia. It will be available for 2014, I will let you know exactly when.

Here is one of the 40 illustrated Fables and a detail of the fable in progress. Hope you'll like it !

14 October 2013

Show is opened !

The opening of my last group show 10 days ago was very nice and with very terrific artists ! If you can, you have to see it. The end is the november 16, so do not wait !!

from Alex H on Vimeo.

24 September 2013


Hey Folks !

I'll be at this amazing show at the ARLUDIK gallery. The opening reception is the october 3 at 18:30 -21:30. You'll see the 70 artists' vision of the tales and legends. I made one piece for the Legend of sleepy Hollow and another for Rapuzel... Add this event to your schedule !

A book of this show will be published for the occasion and will be signed by the artists who are there during the opening.

I'm still working on a my 40 illustrations' big book with Piccolia, and I finally passed the 20th illustration ! yes ! but still 20 artworks to create...I'll show you a glimpse soon ! 

27 August 2013

Fired !

Hello everybody !

Here is some artworks done few month ago. Unfortunately, they will not be published... The card editor doesn't like the universe. That's the game ! But, It doesn't matter, they will probably be sold at my next exhibition !

26 July 2013

wood !

Hi folks !
It's a first one to me, I use digital paint...well the exercise is not easy but funny. You can see a preview of a WIP for a game with White Goblin Games... I'll tell you more soon !

04 July 2013

Over busy !

Na I'm not dead ! just completely over busy !!! so some details for you !!

10 May 2013

Some updates

Hi folks !

Here you can see a sample of works in progress for different projects for 2014 ! You'll have to be patient before I could show the full artworks...

I add a little note about comments. You've probably seen it was unavailable, I voluntary remove it because of the facebook's influence... If you want to comment a picture, please go on my facebook page : here !

18 April 2013

The Queen's Tale

That's done, my last book with Barrington Stoke is now available in all good stores !

28 March 2013

In progress

Here a vegetal sprite in progress for the event : Trolls and Legends this week-end...

and a couple of hours later

11 March 2013

Sleepy Hollow

Be scared of the headless horseman, don't run, it's to late ! You're already the new target... 

Here the final artwork for the collective show (in autumn 2013) at the Arludik gallery in Paris.

05 March 2013

Trolls !

Hey Folks !

I'll be at the amazing event : Trolls and Legends  at the end of this month in Belgium ! I'll dedicate my book "Le Grimoire des fées". Hope you'll be there !!

03 February 2013

Evil Queen

Like I promised, you can see a sample of the B&W for the Snow White novel with Barrington Stoke (UK). The book will be available in March 2013.

27 January 2013

Mary Poppins

Hey !

Here some pictures of our show about the tribute to Mary Poppins ! The place looks so great and bright. I remind you, the end of the show is the Feb 2 in St Sylvain d'Anjou near Angers (France).  
Go there !

24 January 2013


So, the new year begins with two collective shows. One in Paris and the other in Madrid.

The one in Paris will be this autumn at the gallery ArludiK. The Theme will be Tales and Legends. So, I decided to keep the mystery of my piece at the moment, but you can have here a detail !

Then, sooner in the year, at the March 23, will start the "Sing that Movie" show ! It will be in Madrid at the Susanita's Gallery. There will be not less of 70 artists ! I decided to choose a famous tale about Christmas and a mean man : Scrooge !

06 January 2013

Up in the air !

Happy new year 2013 !!

Here my last picture of 2012. It was done for a private person for Xmas !

I'll get back to you in the next weeks to tell you about the schedule of my work in progress for this new year ! There will be shows in galleries, tales artworks, wonderful series covers and more....

So, let's the new year begins !