27 January 2013

Mary Poppins

Hey !

Here some pictures of our show about the tribute to Mary Poppins ! The place looks so great and bright. I remind you, the end of the show is the Feb 2 in St Sylvain d'Anjou near Angers (France).  
Go there !

24 January 2013


So, the new year begins with two collective shows. One in Paris and the other in Madrid.

The one in Paris will be this autumn at the gallery ArludiK. The Theme will be Tales and Legends. So, I decided to keep the mystery of my piece at the moment, but you can have here a detail !

Then, sooner in the year, at the March 23, will start the "Sing that Movie" show ! It will be in Madrid at the Susanita's Gallery. There will be not less of 70 artists ! I decided to choose a famous tale about Christmas and a mean man : Scrooge !

06 January 2013

Up in the air !

Happy new year 2013 !!

Here my last picture of 2012. It was done for a private person for Xmas !

I'll get back to you in the next weeks to tell you about the schedule of my work in progress for this new year ! There will be shows in galleries, tales artworks, wonderful series covers and more....

So, let's the new year begins !